I’ve always made things. That’s one of the common threads of my life. From making my own paper dolls and Barbie dresses to building forts using grass clippings (okay, I know that one was lame, but I was 8), creating “something from nothing” has always been a passion.

As a teenager, I learned to crochet and made mittens for my then boyfriend. One of my favorite college classes was one where we had to make something that could be used for teaching every week from something free or found. We were recycling long before it was so fashionable…

Now that I’m an adult, I consider myself a very “Renaissance” artist, meaning I have skills and passions in more than one area. Or, maybe I’m just making an excuse for not being able to choose. Whatever the reason, I have 3 major passions right now and I’ve incorporated each of them into my life.


Pottery  - There are an endless variety of items that one can make with clay. Working along side others in a local studio, experimenting on my own, and taking classes have each lent themselves to discovering something else I can make. It really has become an obsession.

Jam Making - Although the medium is different than in pottery, what one can make is only limited by imagination. Take a look at my jam making page for a list of the jams, marmalades, preserves, and relishes I’ve created.

Felting - I love old fabrics, which led me to try making quilts. Then I discovered felting. I repurpose discarded sweaters, washing and “felting” them to use in making stuffed animals. Once again, I’m only limited by my imagination.


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Terry Perkinson
Owner, Maker, Designer

I’ve lived most of my life in North Carolina, where my family has resided for several generations. I’ve recently left a career in corporate accounting to finally pursue the things I love.